About Jobs For Former Teachers

I know first hand how draining life can be as a teacher.  In most schools we are underappreciated, underpaid, and after awhile that takes a toll on a person.  While most of us love teaching students and making the world a better place, there comes a time when we have to focus on our own well-being.  I want my website to be the place that helps you realize just how awesome you are and how the skills you've developed as a teacher can transfer into a corporate career, or make you into a successful entrepreneur.

Prof. Ron Stefanski
Owner and CEO

Who Am I?

Welcome to JobsForFormerTeacher.com!  My name is Ron and I'm the founder of this website.  I've personally spent the last six years teaching college students about internet marketing.  After seeing a number of colleagues struggle to leave the teaching profession for corporate jobs and entrepreneurship, I decided it was time for me to create a website that helped teachers realize that there is life after teaching and many employers would love to have them on staff.  To learn more about me, check me out on Linkedin.

How Can This Website Help You?

This website is focused on providing you with actionable insight and knowledge to help you find a new job.  I've organized the content in a way that focuses on your former teaching discipline so that there's no confusion as to how you can utilize your skills in other professional endeavors.  To get started, I recommend that you get my free guide that explains 10 Job Search Tips That Every Former Teacher Needs to Know and also join our Facebook community.